Black & Grey

Track 3 - 3:00

Performed by Ken O'Malley
Lyrics by Judy Lamppu
Music by Stephanie Bennett


The black has gone away, the world is turning gray
I’m finding strength I didn’t know I had
Some thoughts I push aside, to get me through the night
And gradually not everything is bad

I know I have to grieve. I wish I could believe
That anyone would hear me if I prayed
Sometimes I fantasize, pretend you’re still alive
But at least the black is fading into gray

Falling through an endless sea of black
There seemed no way of ever turning back
But one star to pierce the night
With a tiny bit of light to guide the way
To a life with colors more than black and gray

By blocking out the sun, the shadows nearly won
I longed to let the void take me away
Though I’m still close to tears, tomorrow now appears
To be a little more than black and gray

BLACK AND GREY (3:00) Ken O'Malley (Judy Lamppu, Stephanie Bennett)
© 2001 Judy Lamppu Music (ASCAP)