Land of the Living

Track 2 - 3:34

Performed by Molly Pasutti
Lyrics by Judy Lamppu
Music by Stephanie Bennett


I pour my love into an empty cup, that once was filled with you
The best of me is all used up, but there’s so much to do
I pay the bills and cook the meals, as if you were here to share
But now I know how sorrow feels, and that life isn’t always fair
In the land of the living

I left my past in an urn of bronze, and walked into the mist
Who am I now with so much gone? It’s like I don’t exist
I plant my feet on shaky ground, and try to look brave and strong
To keep our house from falling down, just pretending I still belong
In the land of the living

Immersed in your love, no on else mattered
So smug my illusions now all shattered
How lost is the chance to be forgiving
How brief is our time in the land of the living

I left my heart in a patch of earth, now I wander like a ghost
My spirit suffers a painful birth, I face what I fear the most
It’s not my time, I’m forced to stay, I must have a lot to learn
And since you’d have it no other way, I’ll do my best to return
To the land of the living

LAND OF THE LIVING (3:34) Molly Pasutti (Judy Lamppu, Stephanie Bennett)
© 2001 Judy Lamppu Music (ASCAP)