About Our Beneficiaries...

The motivation that enabled the "America Speaks" CD project was one of charity. The goal of all the artists involved was that this nonprofit effort would help benefit 9/11 survivors and others in need.

The nonprofit venture has been facilitated through the auspices of NAMASTE, an interfaith, self-realization and spiritual awareness church. The Namaste organization, founded by Rev. Dr. J. Robert Prete, is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit. The organization provides support in its local community of San Fernando Valley for a battered women's shelter, homeless shelters, a pet orphan shelter, and promotes an ongoing community outreach program that provides food and clothing to those in need. Namaste also has established an annual volunteer special effort to serve Thanksgiving Dinner to those in need, and to collect holiday toys.

We licensed the "America Speaks" CD through Namaste in order that proceeds would be shared with 9/11 causes, the first of which was the Firefighters And Police Officers Victims Fund. However, with the duplication and overlapping of many similar fundraisings, the latest assessment is that this group is adequately funded.

Accordingly, we are now designating THE TWIN TOWERS ORPHAN FUND, one of the charities recognized by Congress and President, George W. Bush, as part of the Liberty Partnership. The Twin Towers Orphan Fund operates to serve the surviving children of parents who perished in the Twin Towers, Pentagon or Somerset, Penn. air disasters. Those parent victims included business people, custodians, restaurant workers, airline personnel and others from all walks of life.

The Twin Towers Orphan Fund helps provide these surviving children with long-term mental and physical health care support and higher educational assistance.

It is interesting to note that The Twin Towers Orphan Fund was created by 40 public relations professionals from around the nation and is 100 percent volunteer supported; therefore no donations to the fund are spent on administration, marketing, public relations, printing, postage, legal/accounting, etc.

You have helped by ordering the America Speaks CD. We know you will enjoy it and we welcome your comments and encouragement. There is yet one other thing that you may be able to do: America Speaks CD project is looking for corporate sponsors to help us defray the cost of CD duplication, packaging and fulfillment. Maybe you could talk to your company about becoming involved.